Sparkly <3 Chee 110+ Readers Giveaway


Having 100+ readers feels so great. I know the feeling. Remember my 1st giveaway? So I am thinking that this fellow blogger of mine is also grateful in reaching that milestone of her blogger life.

You may win this from Sparkly <3 Chee. Join now!

You may win this from Sparkly

With that, I want to show my support to her not just by joining her giveaway but also by reaching out to you guys to join.

Just a few quick facts about Chee and her blog. Just like me, she’s into product reviews. She loves Asian beauty products and makes a good deal of writing up some post about it. You may check her out at:

You may join her 100+ Readers giveaway by clicking the banner at the bottom of my page or by simply clicking this link:

Also, my Back-to-School Giveaway is still on going so you can also join it as well: Good deal of prizes is up for grabs.

Yay! Too many links to check on. Anyways, goodluck sweeties! May the best lass win 🙂


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