My Mini-Haul This Week: Guilty Pleasures


Being busy makes me go oh so bored and stressed. My cure? Not that special… Just strolling around the mall or have a window shopping online as any other girls at my age would surely love to do.

This week I just can’t resist the temptation of these items I saw as I am roaming around and searching the web.  Oh! Sinful acts to ditch out boredom and stress. Actually, I am trying to save for some investment soon but I can’t control myself with these guilty pleasures.

Wanna know what I got and why I bought them? Check this out…

Pretty cover right?

Pretty cover right?

Strolling at National Bookstore to buy a pencil case for my sister actually led me to get this one. I am an avid fan of Cosmopolitan Philippines. I feel bad missing some of its issues this year but thinking that I use those funds in a good cause pacifies me. But I just can’t let this issue pass by when the cover is the gorgeous, fierce and respected- all grownup, Sarah Geronimo. Know what is my other reason of getting it? There is an article about how to spend and save smart which interests me very much plus a lot… lot… lot more articles where I can learn things never taught in school. *wink*

Irresistible sale of lippies... haysss...

Irresistible sale of lippies… haysss…

My next guilty pleasure is lippies from Tin Tindahan. Actually, it is on sale that’s why I got two of them. The lippies I got are not authentic but Singapore made. I am now in love with the tangerine lippies and working out to have a make up look for the light pink one as I am still not comfortable with it. Hmmm… We will see then.

Anyways, Tin Tindahan also do sell authentic NYX and other imported brands of  lipsticks. You have to check out their Facebook page soon!

Not cheap but really dependable!

Not that cheap but really dependable!

Lastly, I got a Goody item that I’ve been wanting for a long time. It is a modern updo pin made in metal which I will feature soon in one of my post. I just need to practice more on how to use it but I feel that it is very convenient to have in hand especially during this hot weather. The price is actually oh, so, super guilty to spend on a hair pin but needless to say, it is worth it!

I actually remember the advice from older ones that we should only get what we need. I acknowledge and believe that but as for me, it is really hard to follow. HELP! But on the other hand, I also think that I should also enjoy my cute salary (lol!) in the little things that makes me happy just like those items. Oh well, it’s really hard to balance these two philosophies.

All those guilty pleasures that I need to resist as much as possible, but this time, I can't.

All those guilty pleasures that I need to resist as much as possible, but this time, I can’t.

As my college professors told me, “When you see something that you really like or think that has a good deal , provided that you still have sufficient funds, get it already than being upset on letting the good chances go.” Lol!

So what are your guilty pleasures sweeties? Oh… I should remember to be really thrift this coming week. Yay!


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  1. I’m new here! Anyway, awhile ago when I was about to buy something in the pharmacy I was stumbled into a small magazine stall and digging to buy one. And here I am thinking if I should blame myself of not buying it haha by the way, do you mind following each others blog? Let me know! 🙂

    • hehehhe… those are little pleasures in life that we should not let passed by as much as possible. If it will makes you happy, go for it! Sure! Let’s follow each other’s blog 🙂

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