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Taaaadddaaaah! Finally! After weeks of not having a review post, here I am with one. I must say I am so busy with my work this past few weeks. There had been endless seminars and meetings for me to attend to before the school year starts but of course, I miss my sweeties that’s why I want to make an effort to reach out to you guys.

Drama aside, I been up for some reviews of products I’ve been using last May. I will take it one at a time. For now, I want to give a review about my current bath soap from my April Glamour Box. Its Beauty and Bright Facial and Body Lightening Moringa Soap.



Moringa products is currently a fad. I have been reading a lot of reviews about it. But what is moringa anyway?

Few Quick Facts about Moringa:
• Moringa is a plant native to parts of Africa and Asia
• It is edible by humans.
• Its leaves are a good source of protein.

So there, I am actually familiar with Moringa because we have a shrub (or tree?) of it outside our house.  It is called “malunggay” in Filipino. I love it when joined with viands with coconut milk. Yum!  Oh well, this review is not about food but about a soap. So here we go…

My first try of Moringa soap is with a product by Droplets of Nature. They actually have another kind of this soap which is an anti-aging serum bar. It both claimed to have 7 beautifying actives in one soap. What are those? Let me list it down for you… as printed on its packaging.

looking good right?

looking good right?

1. Moringa Extract: Rich in Vitamin C that naturally lightens our skin and Vitamin A that helps build more collagen in the skin.
2. Papaya: Our soap has more concentration of papaya enzymes than your regular papaya soap. Papaya helps in skin renewal and exfoliation.
3. Kojic Acid: Lightens pigmentation ad freckles
4. Camellia Japonica Oil, Candeia Tree Oil and Oxalis Triangularis Oil: The combination of three natural oils has been proven to inhibit the synthesis of melanin (which causes our skin to darken and create discoloration).
5. Lactic Acid: Rich with Alpha Hydroxy acid that moisturizes the skin and reduces irritation caused by deep exfoliation.

As of now, I am actually done with the bar I got from my box. With that I am now ready to have my review. (Have you missed it?) Here is my 🙂 SMILEY 🙂 and 😦 SAD FACE 😦 review of Beauty and Bright Moringa soap.

Here's how it looks inside. It is covered by a plastic wrap aside from the box it has.

Here’s how it looks inside. It is covered by a plastic wrap aside from the box it has.

🙂 I love its mild scent. Just so good for a relaxing aromatic effect.
🙂 First thing I noticed when I used it was its sort of menthol cooling effect which is perfect for our country’s humid weather.
🙂 It doesn’t leave any uncomfortable feeling after use, provided that (of course) you wash properly.
🙂 It did not trigger any skin allergy that I have. It is so mild that I think it can be a good substitute to my regular bath soap.
🙂 The soap bar lasts long. I used it for more than two weeks. I take a bath during morning and before going to bed.

🙂 None. Though I haven’t proven its lightening effect, I am satisfied when I used it. I am so in love with its menthol effect that I even use it three times in a single bathing session.

I would really want to prove its lightening effect which will make me buy another bar of it. As you would know, my project this year is to make my elbows and knees fairer… Who knows? This might be the answer!

The trial soap I got has an overlap of the former packaging. I don’t mind actually. But just to compare the two labels, I should say that their current packaging is much appealing compared to the other. Green has been so friendly in anyone’s eyes. Good choice then.

And the other packaging...

And the other packaging…

Is this really the answer? Hmmm…. I hope so. I would try to buy another box of it soon to know. I will surely update you sweeties. ‘Till next time!

Oh! If you got any suggestions to make my knees and elbows fairer, just let me know. I am really eager to achieve that goal. Thanks!


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