Two Lovely Bloggers’ Events I Missed


This is how my work goes. Busy… busy… busy… The school is actually trying to be all set for the opening of classes on the 17th, that’s why I am here, rushing out some paper works and meeting the deadlines.

I know I am actually missing a lot already when it comes to events, shopping spree and everything that I used to enjoy last summer. Well anyway, it’s just a little sacrifice for the success and good foundation of this school year.

I made this post just to acknowledge some invites that I received this week and last week for two lovely bloggers’ event. Sometimes, it is just about priorities and my professions calls me to do my work and so I missed these.

The first event that I missed last Saturday which I actually became sad about was the Philippine Fashion Week. I really want to go there but I know that I will also be really guilty if ever I did because my paper works are not even half way done by that time. So there, I decided not to go. Another reason will be, no one will accompany me at the event. If only my hubby is here 😦

The email I got.

The email I got.

I actually read this email a little bit late. I read it around Saturday night when I already done planning my activities for the next day. I just wish i received the invite around Thursday or Friday so that I budgeted my time for the even.

The other invite was for the much awaited Bloggers United 5. I’ve been eyeing for it since summer and yet I was not able to come. *sigh* But anyway, I still want to acknowledge the generosity of the blogger/fashionista Miss Jacqueline Perez for the passes recerved for me.

The FB wall post by Jacquilene Perez.

The FB wall post by Jacquilene Perez.

The PM I received confirming that I won.

The PM I received confirming that I won.

Those events passed and finally, I was able to finish my paper works too. Maybe if not now, next time…I can attend the bloggers’ events. I just wish to still have free passes that time.

I realized that it’s just a matter of priorities 🙂 I am still happy anyway… I discovered that above all, I still value the responsibilities I have in my profession.

I just hope I can finally have more blog posts this week.  Bye for now sweeties! Hope to read from you 🙂


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