Pastel Green Attire for a Saturday Night


Hi sweeties! I’m so happy that I am finally adjusting with the paper works in my new job designation. I’m done with my syllabus and first session plan and cards. I just need to submit the second session paper works before June and I’m done! Yipee! (Im actually positive to be done by tomorrow :))

I am also currently enrolled in my thesis subject for the whole school year. Great! I am really hoping to finish soon.

Everything feels so good!

Anyways, yesterday night I had a chance to attend the mass with my older sister. After the mass we went to Resorts World Manila to pick up an item from Igrab.

My sister + ME= Picture Galore!!!

So I think I just have to share with you this look post before I hit my bed tonight. In this attire, I’m actually  wearing the necklace I won from  Swirls and Scribbles X Glitter Addiction. It really goes well with anything 🙂

Just for the night.

Just for the night.

In this look:

floral diamond studded headband- Divisoria

pastel gorget blouse- Glamourous

inner black spaghetti strap- Bench

acid wash jeggings- Lhot’s House of Fashion 

flat shoes- Parisian

feathered necklace- Glitter Addiction

black bangels- Baclaran (way back in college lol!)

If I can only buy all those pretty shoes...

If I can only buy all those pretty shoes…

White dresses are my favorite.

White dresses are my favorite.

Just for a photo opt :)

Just for a photo opt 🙂

My attire is so comfortable!

My attire is so comfortable!

When we went there Resorts World Manila, they were having their Epic Weekend with a lot of celebrities. I’m not a fangirl and we’re rushing that time that’s why we didn’t take some pictures with them 🙂

Well anyway, have a great week ahead of you sweeties! I promise to have a review post and make up post this week.

Oh! If you think this look is good, please do hype it at: and be one of my fans. Thank you!

Goodnight for me!


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