Enrollment Haul: I’m a Student Again! Wohhooo!


Hi sweeties! Today, I went to the university where I graduated from in college. Actually, it is the same university where I am currently taking up my Masters Degree. I went there today for my enrollment and that’s what I want to share with you 🙂

Do you ever wonder how the process of enrollment goes at Philippine Normal University, Manila? I will try to share with you my experience today. It is actually unique compared to others and that what makes me think that it is something good to share.

This is what you can found in the entrance gate of the university... Home sick!

This is what you can found at the entrance gate of the university… Home sick!

I went really early because I am actually excited to enroll again after being on leave for 2 semesters. The 1st semester was for my preparation for the comprehensive exam and the 2nd was as advised by the previous department head as it was summer then and it won’t be really that practical to enroll my thesis. So there, I missed school! I really love studying… seriously. I think it is one of my hobbies (Oh! I’m sorry for being such a geek.)

Well anyway, I arrived in the university at around 7am. I took an off to work to enroll because I already envisioned the scenario that I am used to encounter since my undergraduate years. Because I am early, I had enough time to chit chats with my former classmates and catch up on each other.

At exactly 8am, the secretary and the graduate students’ adviser came. But before that, I didn’t saw in the list of subjects offered the one and only course I am getting which is Educ. 600- Pagsulat ng Tesis (Thesis Writing)… that actually made me a little anxious but I know I can always plead to have it offered because it is just my first semester in that subject. As far as I’m concerned, I am the only one who is newly enrolled in that subject that’s why I am alone in the whole process of the enrollment. *sigh!*

As per advised by the graduate students’ adviser, I talked to the professor who will be handling me with my study. I am actually nervous in appealing to her because I’ve known her since undergraduate (which is an advantage) and I know that she’s really good but moody. I waited for her in her office knowing that she will arrive a little bit late. Good thing her student assistant- Elpidio (same name as my favorite uncle) went in and was generous enough to accompany me to the auditorium where the professor I am waiting for will be staying.

As soon as she arrived, I sensed that she’s not in the good mood and I waited until she calms down before I approached her. That actually, took time and I also feel that I am not that ready to talk to her. My hands are really cold that moment but eventually, I took courage and I approached her when I saw that she’s actually settled. And guess what? She accepted me as her student! Wooooooh! 🙂 I feel like I want to skip and sing like a child after she accepted me. Thank God!

The new steps in enrolling... *Sorry for my chipped nail polish*

The new procedre in enrolling… *Sorry for my chipped nail polish*

That was actually just the start of my enrollment adventure. Next, I go back to our department to get the registration form and have my name enlisted. After that, I went to the snake-like line in the other building to get my tuition fee computed. I saw a friend there and she told me that I need to go to the next building or to the computer shop to have a print out of my assessment. I chose the latter to avoid long lines.

I don’t know what to do at the computer shop and how to get the form they are printing because as I mentioned, I was on leave for two semesters and this step is not included during my last enrollment  What I did is to ask around my fellow students who are actually rushing… I am happy that they are kind enough to answer my questions and helped me out. After that process, I got two short bond papers with the amount of money that I need to pay for my tuition fee.

Then I go back to the snake-like line… Waited… Until after 15-30 minutes, I realized that there is a special lane for the students who are taking up thesis. Another wooooh! Life saving lane! It was heaven sent!

Thanks for the special lane! :)

Thanks for the special lane! 🙂 It can also be called as privilege lane 🙂 lol!

So to cut it short, I went straight to that line because no one is actually there and had the two bond papers assessed. The first amount was crossed out and became larger. It is actually nearly doubled, but the accountant said that the tuition fee I will be paying will be good for three semesters which is an advantage for me. That can be equated to more savings, longer time to save and no more long lines for at least three semesters!

I was really excited to go to the cashier that I did not notice that the accountant did not sign my form 😦 I was already in the cashier when the guard inspected my papers and asked me to go back… Again, I cut in the line… I abused my privilege as a thesis student (lol!) After the accountant signed my form, I immediately go back to the cashier and pay. The line in the cashier was short. Yehey!

The yellow one was the set or registration form and those are the two bond papers that I printed out.

The yellow one was the set or registration form and those are the two bond papers that I printed out.

Soon I go to the accounting and gave them the portion of the paper that they need to keep. It was fast also. Rock on!

Then, the getting of the class card was the slowest process- I think. It is under the Registrar’s Office this time. The last time I enrolled, it was under the department where the student came from. Anyways, I was just in line until a little bit past lunch break. According to the ones in front, there were no personnel assisting the students for at least an hour that’s why the line became longer and the process became slow. *sigh!* But after all the waiting, I finally get my one and only class card for three semester 🙂

I drop the Student Affairs’ portion on my registration card to their office. They actually have a brilliant idea of just putting a drop box outside their office and presto! You just need to put it there… no more line, waiting and talking. Good!

Then my last stop was at our department. I also need to give the last small portion of my registration form to them. It was lunch break that’s why I waited outside the office. Good thing the secretary arrived before 1pm! Yehey! And she was so nice by accepting that little card. She actually invited me to stay a little bit longer but I was really tired, hungry and eager to go home so I refused but very thankful for her assistance.

My lucky white blouse :)

My lucky white blouse 🙂

It was done! Yehey! Finally!!! It was really tiring but happy! I am now a bonafide student again! Wooohhh!

As I go out the university, I realized that this is just the start of many things that I need to work hard for if I really want to graduate soon  and I am willing to take those long lines and slow steps  again just to make sure that I will get the degree I am dreaming of. I just hope that with all the prayers and perseverance, everything will go as smooth as it should be. *crossed fingers*

As a reward, I get myself a desert for lunch. I usually skip this part of the meal but because I've been through many things that  morning, I must celebrate!

As a reward, I get myself a desert for lunch. I usually skip this part of the meal but because I accomplished many things that morning, I must celebrate! Its Berrie Cookie from Jollibee 🙂

How about you sweeties, what’s your greatest dream and what are you willing to go through just to get that? I hope you will share it soon to me…


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