My Favorite Make-up this Week


Hi sweeties! Sorry for being MIA for almost the whole week. I been trying to adjust in my new work load this school year and it feels like I am a new in the world of teaching. I’m totally at lost after transferring to the other department. As of now, I am stock up in writing my syllabus for the upcoming school year. Since Friday, I’ve been itching to write a post yet I feel that I need to finish first my syllabus before anything else but still… I failed.

So now, it’s Sunday already and I know that I owe my sweeties something to read. As I promised, this post is about the best (as far as I am concerned) look I had this week. Yeah! I painted my face and here’s the look:

My co-teachers call this look--- "Barbie Doll"

My co-teachers call this look— “Barbie Doll”

For this look I use different cosmetic brands that are equally reputable and safe for my sensitive skin. I got my make up products from The Body Shop, Maybelline, Revlon, Mac and Avon.

Make ups to love!

Make ups to love!

In this picture:

The Body Shop- Baked Blush on in 02  Coral

The Body Shop- Extra Virgin Minerals in 108 golden ivory

Maybelline- Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation in BO2

Maybelline- AngleFit Perfect Concealer in 01 Light Beige

Revlon- Color Stay Smoky Shadow Stick in 215 Smolder Braise

Revlon- Custom Eyes Waterproof Mascara in 923 Blackened Brown

MAC- Eye Kohl in Phone Number

Avon- Glimmersticks Brow Definer  in Dark Brown BO 3

MAC- Satin Pink Nouveau Lipstick

Because I am acidic, I need a  foundation which is 1 tone lighter than my skin.

Because I am acidic, I need a foundation which is 1 tone lighter than my skin.

For the base, I used three items. Quite a lot? Yeah! I think I need it because I have an oily skin and pimple marks to hide.

  1. I first apply a moisturizer and sunblock before I put patches of Angle Fit concealer.  I spread it on the pimple marks and wait for 1-3 minutes until the concealer is absorbed already.
  2. Over the concealer, I apply Maybelline Liquid Foundation as a primer. As much as possible, I make this one even. For me, this part is crucial because if you will not apply this one properly, you might end up “cake-ky” make up.
  3. Once the primer is absorbed already, I put Extra Virgin Minerals loose powder foundation. The liquid foundation primer made this  powder component to stick better. 🙂
I love those eye cosmetics. It actually give the look a full life :)

I love those eye cosmetics. It actually gave the look a full life 🙂

For my eyes, four items made the fabulous look. I have a chinita and tired looking eyes that’s why I need to define this part of my face.

  1. I usually fix my brows first. I am not a pro in terms of defining it so what I do is just to follow the trail of my brows. I just trace it with Avon Glimmesticks brow definer and tame it with an eyebrow brush.
  2. Then, I put a trace of Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow stick. I just apply it to my lids twice to attain the smoky look 🙂 It is so easy to use!
  3. Mac Eye Kohl made my chinita eyes look full. I apply it thrice! Yes thrice! I put it over and below my lids.
  4. Lastly, but never the least, I put my Custom Eyes Mascara brush on #1 to make my lashes look  long and dramatic. To achieve the look, I apply it twice 🙂 on both eyes.
Blush on... I'm sweaty that's why it looks faded.

Blush on… I’m sweaty that’s why it looks faded.

For my cheeks, I use The Body Shop Baked Blush on. It is so practical to use because it comes in duo which has the blush on and the higlighter already. I took 02 shade which has a coral blush and corail nuance. 🙂

My asset! My lips :)

My asset! My lips 🙂

To complete the look I use my favorite MAC Satin lipstick.  Just glide it and go!

I am not really a pro when it comes to make up artistry but I can prettify myself.. atleast! As you may noticed, I just use practically easy to apply products. I prefer to use this items because I go to work really early- before 7:00 am! That’s why I cannot waste time.

pout it out!

pout it out!

That is how I made my Barbie Doll look for work. Trendy, chic and natural looking make up that is not too strong or colorful.

How about you sweeties? How do you wear your make up at work? Share it with me. I would love to get some tips from you too 🙂


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