2013 Election Haul


Today is the 31st Senatorial Election in the Philippines. Another chance to make my country better.

As a second time voter, I am so excited to choose 12 senators, 1 Party List, 1 member for the House of Representatives, 1 Mayor, 1 Vice-Mayor and 6 members of Municipal Council that will hopefully, bring a brighter future for our country.

First thing in the morning, mom got some sample ballots at our gate entrance. There are people in the community who just do this every election that’s why before going to the polling center, we can atleast have a draft of our final votes (My life as a voter made easier because of them! lol!) After mom hand down the sample ballots to me and my ate, I immediately made my draft before hitting on my morning routine.

Sample ballot

Sample ballot

It was quite hard for me to choose for some local positions because I am not really familiar with the candidates but I really tried to complete my entries. Maybe it sounds corny for some, but I prayed after doing my draft as advised by the priest in the mass that my family attended last Saturday. I believe that my vote is sacred and important. Whoever wins, the important thing is my right and voice is heard during the election.

Mom, Ate and I proceeded to our polling center which was my alma mater. Unlike my ate, who memorized her polling precinct, I just can’t remember mine. I really have bad retention when it comes to numbers. I am having a hard time memorizing things so after searching for my name on the list posted outside the classrooms (atleast o the 1st floor to where I remember I voted last time), I gave up and go to the assistant’s desks.

My alma mater... My polling center. Photo credit to Isabel Benitez.

My alma mater… My polling center. Photo credit to Isabel Benitez.

It was really convenient having those assistant’s desks! I was able to know where is my polling precinct in no time. They give me my precinct number and some directions and viola! I found my precinct! Yey! Unfortunately, my precinct was in the second floor that’s why even I roam and checked all the list of names on the first floor (or even spend the whole day looking for it there…) I will never find it. lol!

I should try to remember this!

I should try to remember this. My polling precinct.

This is just the second time that Philippines will be having an automated election. It is actually easier compared to the process that I witnessed years back which was manual election wherein there is a huge instance of manipulation in canvassing the votes. But I must say that as of now, there is still no smooth process of election that will fit for the Philippines. As expected, there are some PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machines that are malfunctioning or worse, did not worked which made today’s election challenging for some.

Personally, in my polling precinct, there was still waiting line for voters. The line did not move for 30 minutes (as by the time I was there). They are claiming that it was because of the PCOS machine that was not functioning well but seriously it was not, it was actually caused by some of my fellow voters who don’t have the discipline to follow the sacred process of election and just cut in the line. Too bad… Election should be the time for all the Filipinos to have the equal political right but there are still people who are taking advantage of their connections or just don’t mind the process at all. (That time, my thought bubble is saying, “This is why Philippines is having a hard time to progress… People like them should be deported!”)

After knowing that, us- the ones waiting in the proper line stand up for our right and literally, stand and fall our line outside the polling precinct. That way, no one can cut in our line and the process went smoothly as how it should be. I just took 5 minutes on casting my votes because I have my “cheat”- sample ballot. 🙂

My proof of fulfilling my constitutional obligation.

My proof of fulfilling my constitutional obligation.

Hooray! After an hour of searching, waiting and voting I am done exercising my rights. Mom and ate went home already because the process of voting in their precincts went better compared to mine so they just went home ahead of me.

As usual, a lot of campaign paraphernalia clutter outside the school. It is always like this during election in our country. How I wish this practice will be lessened or gone soon.

We want to be updated.

We want to be updated.

Some of the banners and streamers I removed.

Some of the banners and streamers I removed.

At home, we watch news about the election. There are quite a lot of different concerns about the election nationwide. Among others are names that can’t be found, PCOS machines that don’t work, sagacious lines, brown outs and PWA and senior citizens that are having a hard time going to their polling precincts.  Mom and I removed all the banners and streamers posted by different political parties and candidates (which I know that they will never do after they are elected or not in the position)

I am really trying out to be vigilant on the results of the election. They say after a day, COMELEC can already proclaim the official winners for local positions while, they need 2 days for the senators and party list.

Vain! Before and after photo... So hagard because of my voting haul :) But feels good to do what's right.

Vain! Before and after photo… So hagard because of my voting haul 🙂 But feels good to do what’s right.

It really feels good to exercise your right as a voter. With my experience, I can say that Philippines is still far to the ideal process of election that everyone wants. We still need to revisit every detail of our election. It will never be perfect (I know) but if the people especially those who are aspiring to lead the country will be free from their selfish and material desires, surely everything will be better soon.

But as a common tao, what we can do is to hope for the best result of 2013 election and as a Catholic, that His will be done to this country.

Sorry sweeties for this long posts 🙂


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