Mir & Ryvi Soap to a Fairer Me


I was so excited to receive my first GlamourBox last April. The theme of that month’s box was Green beauty and with it are some products with organic ingredients.

My April GlamourBox

My April GlamourBox

One of the items I got was a sample of Mir & Ryvi soap. There are 3 variants of that soap. It includes tomato, banana and the soap I got which is papaya.

Variants of Mry

Variants of Mir & Ryvi soap. *Credits to the owner of the picture 🙂

My sample of Mir & Ryvi Papaya soap

My sample of Mir & Ryvi Papaya soap

Mir and Ryvi soaps are made from most basic ingredients like high grade coconut, virgin coconut oil, olive, palm oil and clinically tested extracts from abroad that’s why it is quite expensive compared to other beauty soaps.

Their commitment..

Their commitment…

Their papaya soap aims to naturally make the skin fairer without side effect of hydroquinone. It is also good for normal to oily skin (like mine) and safe for everybody especially to those that have sensitive to chemically-laden soap.

The packaging

The packaging

It is secured with a thin plastic wrap

It is secured with a thin plastic wrap.

I'm getting excited as I peel off the plastic wrap!

I’m getting excited as I peel off the plastic wrap!

The soap is so smooth and even.

The soap is so smooth and even.

As of now, I am using it as my bath soap because I am aiming to whiten my elbows and knees. And here’s my review about it:


🙂 The soap label has the instruction on how to use the product properly.

🙂 It is easy to lather. I love its foamy feeling perfect to enjoy bath time.

🙂 Its mild scent is relaxing.


None 🙂 so far… As of now, I am using the product for a week and I don’t have any complain about it. I just hope that with continuous use of it, I will be able to attain fairer knees and elbows that I want.

I just recommend that consumers should follow the instructions indicated on the package or product label religiously to be sure that we can attain the best effects in the shortest time possible.

I would want to buy another Mir and Ryvi Papaya soap so that I can see the maximum effect of it, since I just get a sample size.

Based from what I read, their soaps are available at Beauty Bar so you should also check it out.

So, how about you sweeties? What’s your secret beauty product to a fairer knees and elbows?  Maybe you can share it with me and I will check it out 🙂


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  1. I tried the tomato version of this and I had a really bad reaction to it. It’s ironic that it’s “organic and natural” and for “sensitive skin” because I don’t have super sensitive skin and it was much too strong for me. It left my face dry, sore, and itchy for almost a week…

    • Oh too bad to read that. It is a case to case basis, some beauty products are good for others but will be not so good for you. I also experience the same with other beauty products. Maybe it would be better to try out other soap that might suit your skin or just like in my case, I stick on one product when it comes to my face because I am really afraid that other products will worsen my damaged skin. As of now, maybe you should stop using it and see a dermatologist to check your skin’s reaction to the soap as you say that you don’t have super sensitive skin, so it will be better to know, what went wrong… so that you can treat it. I hope you will tame down your skin’s reaction to this soap soon. Goodluck!

    • hi. u said that your skin hav an irritation ryt?..did u use other product on your face before or after u use the product? u see, there must be a chemical reaction f u use diffeent kinds of facial products. F u want to test a certain product, used it solely for 3 days and watch out for unwanted reaction.hope this will help.

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  6. Great review! I just want to share my personal review about L-GlutaPOWER soap that I’ve been using and it really works for me! 🙂 I’m using Royale products lately, and decided to make a blog about it, but I don’t sell them btw, but I mentioned the dealer of these beauty products in my blog. 🙂 You may check out this link for my L-GlutaPOWER soap review: http://royaleproductsreview.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/l-glutathionesoap/ 🙂 Thanks! Ann ❤

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