The Maomao and my Velvet(-ish) Nails


I am so fond of designing my nails. I’ve been updating my blog posts on the new trends I tried for it. Lately, I was intrigued by velvet nail polish that had been making a fad since late last year. So I gave it a try this summer.

I’m so in love with velvet because the texture of it is so tickling for me. I also love how the colors look like when it already has a velvety texture. But I can’t imagine how my nails would be like when it’s velvet already.

My velvet nail polish set

I got my Velvet Nail Polish at an online store named Lhot’s Online Shop. As far as I’m concerned it is one of online shops that offers low price for newest trends. I’ve been a customer of this shop since last year and I’m happy with their fast transaction of my orders.

Anyways, I tried out my pink velvet nail polish. I wish I got a darker one as I find it too light for my skin tone. But I have it already so… I gave it a try.

Inside the package of my Charm Limit velvet nail polish set are nail polish tube enamel in pink, a brush and two containers with Maomao (velvet nail powder).

The confusing instruction at the back of its package.

The instructions at the back label are quite tricky because of grammatical errors, so I will just give my own edited version of it (*wink) So here it is:

  1. Coat your nails with 2-3 layers or the nail polish enamel until it is sticky enough.
  2. When done, sprinkle Maomao. Gently press in unto your nails so that the powder will attach to it.
  3. Brush off excess powder.
  4. When done, make sure that it will not be exposed with water in 5 hours inorder for it to dry well and complete the process of solidification.

I just did the instruction the way I understand it. It was quite hard for me to be consistent with the thickness of Maomao powder that sticked on my nails until my third try.

My nails after putting Maomao.

My nails after putting Maomao.

Left, focused image of my vetvet-ish nails :)

Left, focused image of my velvet-ish nails 🙂

Right, focused image of my velvet-ish nails.

Right, focused image of my velvet-ish nails.

So now, I would love to share with you my experience with my first velvet nail polish. Let’s see which has more, 🙂 SMILEY 🙂 or 😦 SAD FACE :(.


🙂 The set is complete with a brush to brush off excess powder.

🙂 Nail polish enamel has a consistent color and nice at it is. You can use it even without Maomao.

🙂 The velvet powder amazed me. I find it unique because of its texture.

🙂 You will expect that there no small bubbles that will form as it will be covered by Maomao powder.

🙂 The velvet(-ish) feeling is the same as real velvet 🙂


😦 The instruction at the back label of the package is so confusing for me.

😦 The nail polish enamel takes time before it dries up.

😦 There are some of Maomao that needs to be crash down a bit as it forms big particles.

😦 I had a hard time to make the Maomao particles to stick and be consistent for each nail. Some of it had been so thin or thick. It can be seen clearly because the nail polish I got is light in color.

😦 The entire manicure will be ruined once your nails become wet even if it dried up properly. As with real velvet, it absorbs water that looks not so appealing for me.

With my experience, I can say that Maomao particles should be put immediately after the last coat of nail polish. When you put the powder when the polish is still wet, it will stick better. But be very careful so that the Maomao will not be too thick or too thin for each nail.

It would also be better if the distributor of this product will try to revise the instructions written on its back label for it to be understood better by the consumers.

I will purchase another one of it, maybe darker in color (dark blue or green) to see if the effect will be the same when it dries up.

So what’s the latest nail trend that you tried? How was it? Feel free to share it to me and I hope to try it also soon 🙂


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    • Maganda talaga kapag tuyo kaso kapg nabasa na medyo makikita mo yung flaw (if ever meron) sa pag-aapply ng nail polish or sa thickness ng maomao. Medyo bumabalik naman ulit kapag natuyo kaso hindi na ganoon kaganda tapos parang nagpuputi-puti yung maomao powder. nagfe-fade.

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