New Zealand Natural :) A Food Haul for Me Soon


How’s everything going sweeties? So sorry that I cannot have a product review as soon as I want because I am still into taking some time to review my proposal and i’m helping my hubby with some stuffs.

Anyways, just for a quick post, I want to share to you that I feel so blessed this vacation! This is the second time I won a giveaway just for April 🙂 Isn’t that exciting? Soon I will have my giveaway too (just to give back all the blessings I have) I’m just targeting a number of followers then I will have my first ever giveaway (that’s a promise 🙂 )

This time my prize comes from the birthday giveaway of ItsBerrylicious in collaboration with New Zealand Natural. Thanks to them 🙂 If your thinking that my prize is another beauty product… Well, this time it’s quite different but surely, this one will make me smile. You know what it is? dandadadadannn….

My gift check :)

My gift check 🙂

I got a free gift check to enjoy at New Zealand Natural’s most famous ice cream. Yehey! I am one of the 4 lucky winners of this item. Berryle was so generous with her birthday giveaway. She gave 14 prizes in all. So congratulations to my fellow winners! Yihee!

My name was first! I feel so good :)

My name was first! I feel so good 🙂 Credits to Itsberrylicious for the result of rafflecopter 🙂

As I mentioned last time, I am not fond of sweets but surely I will not miss this one out 🙂 It’s so perfect for summer! I set a date with my older sister to avail this one. Soon, we will have another food review.

There we go… Thank you Lord for another blessing 😉 I will just keep you posted about it sweeties.


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