May Day, My Journey Back to Studying


Hi sweeties? How’s summer so far?

Mine? Still doing good. Yeah,I’m on the 4th week of my summer vacation but today until the 15th I am bound to do some paper works. It is so nerdy… but yeah, I scheduled those days to go back and journey with my thesis proposal that I left around October last school year.

Actually, I’m done with it already. But I want to get ready for the next semester when I will be going back to attend my graduate studies so I decided to start the editing soon.

This semester, I will finally start doing my thesis proposal after passing last December’s Comprehensive Exam (Yihee!) I’ve never been so proud to claim that but yes! I did it!


Eventually, after I passed the Comprehensive Exam I found myself bored and feeling that there’s lacking. I have to admit that dealing with this graduate course and work side by side was never easy especially when deadline of those seemingly endless requirements come, but I learned to love it. It became part of my system.

Soon, I will be facing the major test in my graduate study course and that’s thesis. I went to quite  a lot already from the first time that I accidentally (that’s how I refer to it) pass the entrance exam until gaining units from different subjects. All with rigorous time management, 100% effort and persistent prayer (not to mention, sleepless nights)  I finished 39 units so far (that’s how I remember it) and I still need 6 units. My goal is to finish soon.

These requirements...

These requirements…

But as I reflect, I asked myself? “Why do I still need to do it?” Maybe because graduating will always be my fulfillment. I always love studying. This had been my investment for 3 years or since I start working. I pay my own tuition fee, buy my own books and supply myself with allowance that I need to finish projects… All of those are from scratch.

This graduate study not just gave me knowledge about my course which is Master sa Pagtuturo ng Filipino (Masters in Teaching Flipino Language) Moreover, this gave me wisdom and it let me value hard work.

Why I want to master the language? Of course, because I want to expand my knowledge and I believe in my language. I know that it is progressive and soon it will be part of world’s known language. And I always dream to be part of sharing its goodness to the world. Yes, I am writing my blog in English but I am sure enough that my love will still be with my own language- Filipino.

I don’t know if I can get job aboard or if I will be recognize when I’m done with my graduate study course (it doesn’t matter) but I know that it will be my pleasure to finish it in God’s grace. I hope my faith will guide me through.

This will keep me busy.

This will keeps me busy.

How about you? What keeps you busy? I hope to read from you.


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