Selena Gomez Perfume and It’s “Flirty Sweet Scent”


I am not fond of watching movies but if given a chance (like free premiere tickets :)) I don’t hesitate to accept it. Last school year, one of my students gave me a free premiere passes for a movie entitled, Monte Carlo. Even the showing was late already, I must admit that I enjoyed it. Since then, I’ve been a fan of Selena Gomez. I’m not a fangirl type but I just like her beauty. For me, it is quite unique than the rest of the ladies from the Hollywood.

My Monte Carlo premiere pass

My Monte Carlo premiere pass

So what’s with Selena? Last March 2013, when I attended the BDJ Beauty Social, it came to me that Selena Gomez is currently an endorser of this perfume line named after her. There was a booth there of Selena Gomez’ perfume and they asked the participants to try it out and give some comments about it.

One of Selena Gomez' Perfume Poster *credits to the owner

One of Selena Gomez’ Perfume Poster
*credits to the owner*

According to what I read Selena’s  fans helped her choose the ingredients that were included to her first perfume. Her fans vote for three basic ingredients of the perfume on a site—ending up in the victory of raspberry at the top, freesia in the middle and vanilla in the base.

I was able to get a 2ml sample of this perfume and I am currently trying it out. In the sample I got, there was this board paper where the sample was pinned. They also enumerated there the composition of Selena Gomez’ Perfume. (Just to confirm my readings) The top notes are orange, pineapple, peach, raspberry while the middle note was taken by purple freesia, cosmone musk and dewberry. Lastly, at the bottom notes are amber, vanilla, chocolate and coconut. And that composition will definitely explain why the perfume smells fruity and sweet.

front and inside of the board paper attached to the sample

front and inside of the board paper attached to the sample

My sample

My sample

As I mentioned, I am currently trying it out. So here’s my take on it.

This is how the perfume looks like.

This is how the original bottle of the perfume looks like.

Packaging: The packaging is quite unique and very stylish. Surely fab chics will love it. (Of course, the sample is in a plain tube…) The perfume bottle is adorned by pretty little lips on top.

Smell: It has a flirty sweet smell of fruits and a hint of vanilla and chocolate. I can still wear it even during humid weather here in the Philippines without that sticky and strong smell, like other perfumes.

How long did it last? The smell of it in my temples lasted around 1-2 hrs but the smell lingers longer on clothes. But if you really want a stronger smell you have to reapply it around every after 30-45 minutes.

If given a chance, I will definitely purchase a full-sized bottle of it. There had been a lot of good feedback about it, I think it is because its smell is very nice. But of course, if you’re not into sweet fruity smell, you might have a second thought about it.

What’s your best perfume so far? Do share it with me…


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