Come and Join Milk Caramel Dreams’ Giveaway :)

Come and Join Milk Caramel Dreams’ Giveaway :)

I’ve been always grateful to get to know a lot of people whether in person or through the e-world. For me, meeting them is a chance for me to explore and know myself even more.

I have this friend (as I can consider her), that I met years back during my high school life. I admire her ever since  because of her kindness and talent in writing. We met in a writing seminar-workshop for NCR delegates then, that will compete for a national writing competition (oh well, that’s many years ago!) But what makes me happy is how Facebook made is quite a little closer even if we don’t see each other. And also, not to metioned, she is one of those bloggers who inspired me to start up with mine.

Currently, she’s been sharing about how she made it to the Chemical Engineer’s Board exam! (yeah right!) And as a thanksgiving she’s returning the blessing to all her readers and supporters (she’s kind indeed!) through her blog’s giveaway.

Milk Caramel Dreams' Summer + Thanksgiving Giveaway

Milk Caramel Dreams’ Summer + Thanksgiving Giveaway


I actually joined, and hope you will too… Just follow the instructions given on the rafflecopter at this site Milk Caramel Dreams’ site (just click the link). Goodluck!

Kudos Janine M! More power!


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