Winning is Gaining


Hi sweeties! I want to apologized that I was not able to post yesterday because of some family errands but I really tried to make one yesterday. When I was about to make a post before I go to bed (which I usually do) I suddenly had my migraine attack. So bad right?

Anyway, for a quick post, I just want to share with you my happiness as I was able to win a complete beauty set from @lush_angel and Godiva Skin. Oh well, that was the first prize! Yehey!

The prize comprise of 6 different items from  Godiva’s new line of whitening products with Licorine. It includes Bar Soap 135g, Face Wash 50ml, Toner 100ml, Face Cream 40g, Lotion 100ml, Deo 40ml. Quite a lot right?

Vanity Strikes!

Vanity Strikes!

My awesome prize :)

My awesome prize 🙂

I went to Godiva’s office at Makati to claim it and I there I met their staff Janice that  assisted me during the whole process of getting my prize. She’s so wonderful. At first she cannot find my name at the list of winners from Facebook so I told her I won at a blog contest. She went back and fort to find the list where my name is written. Then, I don’t have an ID to present to her to claim my prize because I just had one with me that I left at the entrance of the building so she went there to get my ID and photocopy it (that was embarrassing for me though since it was my fault of not bring 2 IDs with me). Lastly, she provided a paper bag for me when she noticed that the prize cannot fit inside my bag. Isn’t that thoughtful? I was so glad that she was the one who assisted me because some of the employees there did not even mind when I greeted them good afternoon (just for the benefit of the doubt,maybe they were busy). Oh well, May God bless more staffs like Janice.

Anyways,  I might review some of the items included in my prize soon so I hope you will stay tuned. That’s it for now. Hope to read from you.


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