Summer Fun with Celeteque’s Skin Relief After-Sun Gel


It’s another Sunday. I just love Sundays because it is always a “dress galore” day for me. And because it’s summer, I choose a floral dress today.

My colorful mini-dress. Just so perfect with summer!

My colorful mini-dress. Just so perfect for summer!

Speaking of summer, it is so hot outside. I’m really afraid to go out thinking that I will have red, dry and painful skin after. But I won’t let summer heat to ruin my vacation. I must enjoy going out, heading to the beach and meeting my friends.

With that I browse about products that can help me with my concern. I actually expect that my search will just give me different brands of sunblocks with various range of SPFs. But to my surprise, I saw this item from Celeteque, which is an after-sun gel.

Based from my readings, this product from Celeteque, works to reduce the skin’s possible inflammatory response after a long sun exposure. It aims to reduce flaking of dry skin, restoring its suppleness or moisture and softness. It also has a refreshing sensation that helps in releasing more heat from the skin.

I was lucky that SampleRoom provided a full-size sample of this product for me to try. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now (which is my minimum, length of trying out samples to test how effective they are) I usually give myself a month of trying a new product so that my skin can adjust properly with it but I’m quite itching to make a review with this one.

Just arrived from SampleRoom.

Just arrived from SampleRoom.

Two days, after ordering, I already received the item from SampleRoom. The item came with a sachet of Celeteque make up remover which is very handy and convenient for removing make up before you apply the after-sun gel on your face.

My before and after shot for Celeteque's Make-up Remover.

My before and after shot for Celeteque’s Make-up Remover.

You will readily smell its refreshing scent once you open the lid.

You will readily smell its refreshing scent once you open the lid.

Informative label of Celeteque's After-Sun Gel

Informative label of Celeteque’s After-Sun Gel. All quick information that are needed before using the product can be read on its product label.

Celeteque's After-sun Gel when applied.

It is in a clear gel form and looks watery when applied.

After trying it out I can now point out my comments regarding Celeteque’s Skin Relief After-Sun Gel. And of course, I will do it with my smiley 🙂 and sad face 😦 (so childish) style… so here it goes.

🙂 The packaging of the tube is classy, elegant and most of all, informative.
🙂 I really love it’s apple(-ish scent, as what I perceive it’s like) It’s so refreshing and perfect for summer. It’s like anti-“amoy araw
🙂 The gel is light weight when applied to the skin.

🙂 It leaves the skin smooth and it is not sticky when it dries up.
🙂 I felt that it really reduce the heat and adds moisture as it was applied to the skin.

😦 The gel took 3-5 minutes before it was absorbed by my skin.
😦 Due to its quite slow absorption the gel can gather some dust before it completely take its effect on the skin.

My verdict: The product is a good way to release the heat from the skin after-sun exposure. It will really help to lessen the heat and probably, also redness after intense sun exposure (in my case, when I am trying the after sun-gel, I did not really took long under the sun) Actually, I seldom stay under the sun, which makes my skin less adaptive to heat that’s why what I  appreciate most about  the product is its refreshing sensation. Sweeties, you should take note that this product is not a sunscreen and it didn’t even mention in its labels that it has SPF so  you should not use it as a substitute for your sunblock. 🙂

Celeteque Skin Relief After-Sun Gel can be very handy for those people who have low threshold to heat like me. But still, we should remember that water and sunblock are two things that you should not forget for your summer getaways to retain your skin’s moisture.

So now, where are you heading this summer? Beat the summer heat with your healthy skin and enjoy the sun!


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