A Visit to Monasterio de Santa Clara (4/18/13)

The entrance view of the monastery.

The entrance view of the monastery.

Today, my mom and I ha s a scheduled to process my grand mother’s papers but because of some legal circumstances, it was cancelled and moved next week. That instance, when I knew that our appointment was cancelled, I immediately think of ways to make my day productive (which, I usually do during vacation, but ended up having  not so much things accomplished 🙂 )

I thought of fixing my art set or my closet but I just remembered that my hubby (not my husband, but my boyfriend) asked me to pray for me. Yeah! Even if we are in an LDR (he’s staying in US), we make sure that we still attend to each others need and that includes our spiritual life 🙂 For personal reasons, I will not spill what he asked me to pray for him.


My train ticket

We are an avid fan of Saint Claire. It has it’s monastery at Katipunan, walking distance from LRT 2 Katipunan station. My prayers that I entrusted to the nuns there were blessed and came true that’s why if I feel so down, I just go there and pray. Once, when my hubby is still here, i brought him there to pray with me, I ask him to ask anything and suddenly, according to him it came true 😉

A lot of people, especially students who will take their board exams usually go there for guidance. There are so much anecdotes on how to go about the process of praying there, but one thing is for sure, you need to have your faith with you. Devotees usually, write letters for the nuns in the monastery asking for help to pray for them. They bring various gifts for the nuns but one of the usual, and well know gift are eggs. Outside the monastery there are a lot of sidewalk vendors lined up to sell eggs wrapped in different colored plastics. According to the vendors those colored plastics has meaning like the green one which is use when you are praying for wealth, orange for general and so on and so forth. And also, if you have extra money, you can also buy sampaguita necklace from children who are begging for you to avail one along the street.

An example of eggs that the vendors are selling outside the monastery.

An example of eggs that the vendors are selling outside the monastery.

The monastery has a huge parking space and it also has amenities inside it like the church, wishing fountain,  receiving area, comfort room, and my favorite, the side where you can light a candle and reflect. If ever you have a chance, maybe you can drop by to the monastery, even if you don’t want to wish for anything but just being there can make you feel relax and at peace.

Light it up and reflect.

Light it up and reflect.

Here is a map that you can use to find your way to Saint Clare (Google map). *credit to the owner 🙂


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