Summer Starter Give Away by Maggie, Genzel, Jaja, Eiz


I’ve been inspired by fashion bloggers that I read from wordpress, tumbler, and other sites. That’s why even I don’t have that much knowledge about blogging, I tried to come up with a blog like this.

I’ve been loving to read some of their reviews on make up, clothes, salons, restaurants and other products and services. I also love how generous they are on giving giveaways (Yey!) I appreciate how do they do collaborations with other bloggers just like a team work (I wish I could join them too, when I fixed my blog already). It’s fun joining those because it makes me discover new sites and bloggers that are equally fashionable and knowledgeable about different things.

One of the blog that I’ve been visiting this past few months is GenzelKisses. What I love about the blog is that it provide many product reviews of the things i would like to try.  Also, the writer of it, Genzel, has a unique style of blogging and I admire her for that 😉

Well, for her latest giveaway, she has this collaboration with this three equally good bloggers and they got an awesome prize for Summer! You can try it and join too like I did! C’mon! Here’s the link!

Just don’t forget to follow the steps they asked for you to do 🙂 Goodluck to us!Image


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